About us

“Green Future” LTD is fast growing company operating in the field of renewable energy sources, especially photovoltaic technologies. We believe that the future is belonging to the green technologies, utilizing the infinity and clean energy of the renewable energy sources. We are proposing to our customers complete set of services (EPC), starting from consultation, design, engineering, delivery and installation of photovoltaic systems, launch and setup, internet monitoring and maintenance of the already executed systems. We engaged for that high educated: physicists, engineers, IT specialists and installers. For the last 7 year, the company has made project design for more than 15 MWp. photovoltaic plants. We have about 50 successfully executed projects in Bulgaria, for investors from various countries. Since the 3D modeling is part of our design, we developed a product for automatic registration of 3D scans in real time which was granted with patent. Currently we are developing several products in the field of RES, which are participating to receive patents.